Farmington Canal Heritage Trail Walk

Farmington Canal Heritage Trail Walk

The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is a 46-mile stretch of paved trail that runs north to south through Connecticut.  Since the trail connects 10 towns from New Haven to Suffield, it is a creative expression of unity, a core theme of the 10 Days. This year we are organizing prayer walks along the trail to provide an opportunity for churches and ministries in each town to unite and pray for our governments, businesses, schools, and churches. There are 3 ways you can participate in the trail walks:

1) Join us in walking the entire 46-mile trail — a !0-Day Walk consisting of approximately 5 miles per day over the 10-day period. This may sound like a lot, but 5 miles is approximately equal to the 10,000 steps recommended each day for maintaining an active lifestyle! At a moderate pace, each leg will consist of about 100 minutes of walking.

2) Lead a One Day Walk through your town’s section of the trail. You pick the day and time and recruit 1 or more people to walk with you. We can help you identify parking lots and meeting points.

3) Represent your town or a nearby town by walking alongside our 10-Day Walk team on the day we walk through your town.

Each One-Day Walk and the 10-Day Walk provides a set-aside time of heart preparation and repentance; to reclaim the land we have relinquished to sin; to pray in unity for the outpouring of his Spirit in our towns, cities, and state.

For more information about the trail walk please contact Joellen Putnam at
203-213-6495, or

Towns Along the Trail

New Haven
East Granby

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