Impact Connecticut 2015 – Media Archive


Impact Connecticut 2015 – Plenary Video Archive

Impact Connecticut 2015 – Plenary Audio Archive

Plenary Session I – Joseph Mattera

Plenary Session II – Kevin Palau

Plenary Session III – Joseph Garlington

Plenary Session IV – Adam DePasquale

Plenary Session IV – Annmarie Boulay

Plenary Session V – Zenzo Matoga

Impact Connecticut 2015 – Friday Breakout Audio Archive

Building High Impact Teams

Partnering Together to See Our Cities Reached

Responding to the Challenge of LGBT Persons and Culture

Supporting Effective Ministry Through Administration

Taking Your Church to the Community

Turning a Church Inside Out

Impact Connecticut 2015 – Saturday Breakout Audio Archive

Building Partnerships Touching Church and Community

Calling Millennials to Kingdom Engagement

Evil Breaks Out in my Neighborhood

Making your Ministry Dream a Reality How to Get Started

Reclaiming the Arts and Artists for the Kingdom

Crisis/Opportunity – The Ministry of Disaster and Crisis Response

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