10 Days of Prayer – Locations and Times

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Statewide “Circuit Riders” Schedule

In addition to each citywide expression, for 7 years running we have had a calendar of events across the state of Connecticut for those who would like to travel from city to city to pray across CT. Or, if you’ve never done 10 Days before, this gives people the opportunity to experience 10 Days for a few nights at a location near to you. It is also a wonderful way to “taste and see” all the styles and expressions of the body of Christ, including and especially the Messianic branches. Warning: You might fall madly in love with the whole Church of CT!!

We call it “Circuit Riders” after the Methodist tradition of riding on horseback across our nation during the Second Great Awakening preaching the gospel, crying: “Ye must be born again!”. We try to designate one night from each city’s expression to be the “statewide” night and in that way people across Connecticut can experience and participate in each city’s 10 Days of Prayer. It is a wonderful way to have a full immersion in the 10 Days of Prayer experience.

City Expressions

The strategy for 10 Days in Prayer in Connecticut starts with each city having its own 10 Days of Prayer expression like Bridgeport has modeled. Ultimately, the goal is a whole city seeking the face of God for 240 hours – 24 hours a day for the full 10 Days. Further, that the entire city would stop like Nineveh did in the Old Testament to repent and turn back to God (Yes, this is a God-Sized vision!). That said, we encourage every city to start with what they can do. Sometimes that’s one, two or three events. Sometimes that’s 10 nights rotating from church to church – like Hartford did last year and New Haven is doing this year. Whatever it is, 10 Days at its core is a city-wide expression of John 17 unity. Click links below to find out more about each Connecticut city’s 10 Days expressions for 2019:

Enfield/Granby/Windsor Locks
New Haven


Farmington Canal Heritage Trail Prayer Walk
Sikorsky Aircraft

If you want to see your city added to this list, email us on 10days@impactconnecticut.com. It’s never too late…

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