Building Momentum – 10 Days Connecticut Year 4!

The 10 Days initiative has been birthed in a visionary call from the Lord to his church. Every year until the Lord returns, on the ten days from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur, the Lord is calling his people to unite in worship and in repentance and prayer to see His kingdom come to our needy communities and to speed the Lord’s return to our troubled world. We have watched this National movement grow the past few years as more and more cities and states have “signed on” to the vision. 10 Days events are now even planned in Europe and Africa!

“Babylon refuses to mourn, but My people will mourn before My return”
  • Are you eager to see the Lord’s hand move mightily in the state of Connecticut, and indeed our Nation?
  • Do you believe the Spirit of Revival is already here?
  • Is John 17 unity “Let them be one as we are one” part of your DNA?
  • When you see tragedy strike or unrighteous rule, do you long for the Lord to intervene?
  • Do you think the whole state needs to know: “God so loved Connecticut that He gave His only Son. Believe in Him and you shall not perish!”?

This year, from October 2nd to 12th, let’s seek the face of God together for the great state of Connecticut!

Impact Connecticut Impact Connecticut is excited to trumpet this vision and support this initiative. Gatherings for worship, prayer, and repentance are planned all across our state during these 10 Days.

We are pleased to announce host locations for all 10 Days this fall:

In addition to the calendar of state-wide united nights of worship and prayer, there will be regional 10 Days events going on throughout the state. 10 Days is open architecture! The additional include:

If you have not got back to us yet with your proposed 10 Days event, or you did and we’ve missed you, IT’S NOT TOO LATE, send us an email and we will try to work it into the schedule and help get the word out.

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